Dating, anxiety, depression, and body positivism. Hmm, those are very different things, no? It may seem odd to some people to twist these subjects together but the fact of the matter is, each one can play a huge factor in the other. Dating is a completely different ball game when you are also dealing with depression, anxiety, and body image issues. These things can get in the middle of the dating game and make things 100 times more difficult. It makes things tough.

These subjects can be connected in some way, shape or form. Originally, this blog was going to be strictly about online dating and telling my stories, advice on online dating and experiences that I've had but then it expanded into dealing with other issues that can affect dating like mental illness and body image. I want to share everything with you! Maybe something I've experienced in the past can help someone else who is experiencing it in the present.

I can expand on each of these subjects to a large degree. I have so many big plans for this blog and can't wait to put them all into action. I promise you, you will be amazed (well, maybe). Make sure to subscribe to our email newsletter so that you don't miss out on anything. Good things are ahead of us!

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