Thursday, December 7, 2017

Win A Free Copy of My New Book!

Soooo, my new book has been released!!

I'm so super excited to have this finished and finally available for sale, but first, I am giving away TWO copies of the book on my freelancing website. It's super easy to enter, so go here.

It has all of the information that you need there. If you just want to check out the book for yourself, it is available on Amazon as a print copy or on Kindle.

What started on this blog right here has now turned into a book. I hope that it can help others who are dealing with these evil human beings.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Cheaters, Cheaters Everywhere!

Dating is difficult in this day and age. I think what makes it even more difficult and even scary is that people are so prone to cheat nowadays and I'm not sure why.

Back in the day, if you were married to someone, you were with them and only them. It seems that these days, marriage really is just a piece of paper and no one seems to take it seriously anymore. People don't respect each other anymore and they don't fight for one another. Why don't people fight for their relationship anymore?  For that matter, why BE in a relationship with someone if you don't respect and care for them enough to fight for the relationship?

Nope. When things get hard, instead of working on fixing the relationship, they decide to just find someone else to give them what they aren't getting -- temporarily. Instead of communicating with their significant other about problems in the relationship or working together on fixing these problems, everyone just chooses to jump into bed with someone else. Once the deed is done, they may feel guilty, maybe not, but by then it's too late. They can't take it back. They end up lying to their s.o. about where they were or what they were doing, and then more lies to cover up other lies and it turns into a big disaster. Once you cheat, it's usually the end of the relationship because eventually you will be found out and it's going to be a whole shit bag of drama, all because you couldn't keep your pants on.

What makes cheating so easy now? The internet and cell phones, that's what. It's so easy to find someone new online, and cell phones just make it that much easier. Even Facebook came out with a chat feature to hide secret messages. Why would you need to use that feature? To cheat, that's why! I mean, there's even a term for it now. A "side chick". People talk about a side chick like it's funny or normal to have one. No one seems to believe in being faithful to the one they are with. They are always searching for more instead of building a deeper and stronger relationship with the one they are with.

Everywhere I look it seems that I find more stories of people cheating, and it honestly makes me scared to date. I know there are honest men out there that don't cheat, but they seem to be so far and few between. People will look you right in the eye and lie to your face. They can promise you the world while talking to 3 other chicks on their phone. Do I have to have my guard up all the time and how can I start to trust someone? How can I let someone into my heart and mind knowing that they are likely to cheat as soon as the next pretty girl gives them some attention?

It's rare to find anyone who has been married for more than a few years these days. People are just so quick to give up and move on to the next person instead of following through with their wedding vows and the promises that they made to their spouse. That piece of paper means nothing anymore.

As Seen On TV
What happened to basic kindness, respect, and faithfulness in a relationship? It makes me sick to think that no one wants to be faithful anymore.

Then you have the people who allow cheating to go on. Cheating is a big no-no in my opinion. If you allow someone to cheat on you once, it's the same as giving them a green light to do it again and again. You just gave them a free pass. I'm not going to tell anyone what to do with their life, but if someone is cheating on you and you know about it, have some respect for yourself and get out!! If he can cheat on you, he doesn't really love you and the trust is completely lost. Cheating isn't worth it.

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Friday, November 17, 2017

Beautiful For Just One Day

Do you ever look at someone of the same sex and think, "Holy shit, they are gorgeous!"? Not in a sexual type of way, but you just think that they are the epitome of beauty? I'm not talking about photoshopped women in magazines, I'm talking about real life people. I sometimes wonder to myself what it would be like to be beautiful for just one day.

I've always been a bigger girl, since I was about 5 years old. I'm the fat friend, the friend who used to go out with her friends and watch her friends get hit on while I just sat quietly in the corner. I was the one that guys would come to when they wanted to get advice about asking out my friend or what they could do to get her to like him. I was always the one who was looked over -- I was always the one that guys just wanted to be friends with. "You're such a sweet girl, but I only like you as a friend" is one thing I have heard entirely too many times in my life.

I see these other females with the so-called perfect cute little curvy body and gorgeous faces, and think, What would it be like to look like them? How different would my life be?

Beautiful people are definitely treated better than the not-so-beautiful people. Strangers chat them up more, hold doors for them more, and tend to want to help them out more. I can't imagine how much different their lives must be than mine.

For just one day I would love to see what it felt like to be beautiful. I know, I know, we are all beautiful in our own way, blah, blah, blah -- but to truly be beautiful on the outside, not just the inside. What's it like to post photos on Facebook and get 2304824 comments telling you how beautiful you are (without 10 different filters), or to have multiple men at your disposal, being able to pick and choose which one you want.

But then I think, there are a lot of shallow men out there who only look at a woman's outside appearance. What happens once she gets older, she puts on a few pounds, and things start sagging all over the place? Are those shallow men going to still be there? Do these women often wonder if a man is after her just for her looks and not her personality? Does that bother them? I really don't know the answer to that because I don't have that problem! Do they realize how lucky they truly are? Society is judged by their outside. Beautiful people are definitely privileged, but they probably don't realize it.

Can someone wave their wand and make me beautiful for just one day? I just want to see how differently people would treat me and what it's like for one single day. Does anyone else think about things like that? What do you wish you could be for just one day?

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