Monday, July 24, 2017

Sometimes Life Sucks, But It Goes On...

You ever have something happen in your life that just completely knocks you off your feet and heightens your depression and self-doubt? It's amazing to me how one small thing can flip that switch so easily. This happened to me last weekend and I thought it would be a great story to share with you here because it just fits into the whole online dating thing and dealing with your own demons.

For the most part, I am pretty confident in owning my single status. I enjoy being independent and not having to answer to anyone or have someone always up my butt. I still linger on some dating apps once in awhile just seeing what’s out there. Of course I would still like to find my male soul mate but I try not to stress about it and just let it happen when it's meant to happen.

I recently re-connected with an old friend from high school. We were never good friends, per se, we just talked randomly here and there when we were younger. It turns out that she moved to the same town I live in a few years ago with her now ex-boyfriend. We connected via Facebook and began talking and realized how much we had in common, and she invited me over last weekend.

We sat for hours just talking and talking. Neither one of us know many people around here, we are both kind of loners and just like to stay in our little bubbles. We were discussing the few people that we do know in town asking if we knew any of the same people. She had only been single for about a month and said she wasn’t ready to start seeing anyone any time soon.

She showed me a pic of a guy who friended her on Facebook whom she thought was super hot but she hadn't talked to him yet. I recognized his photo right away. I have seen him on a few different dating sites. He is cute and I think I may have sent him a message or two in the past in an attempt to start a conversation since he was right here in town, but he never responded.

My friend was drinking and having a good time. It was getting late, I wasn’t drinking but was getting tired so I told her I needed to get back home and check on my kids.

The next morning, I woke up to a couple of messages from her saying that the hot guy was coming over! I was a tad jealous but I sent a message to her asking how it went. She replied around 11 in the morning saying that he was still there. She went on to say how they just clicked immediately and they are both really into each other.

I know I should have been happy for her.. And I acted like I was for her sake. But damn, that shit stung! Here she is, just telling me how it was going to take her awhile to get over her ex and she wasn’t ready for any type of relationship, she messages this guy, he responds, and now they are pretty much dating! I couldn’t even get a message back!
True Pheromones
Yeah, I’m happy for her but the shit still stings a little bit. Not that I wanted that guy, just how it happened so quickly for her but yet I’ve been single for awhile now. I’ve passed up a lot of guys because I’ve been waiting for someone that I really click with and have a connection with… and she gets that almost immediately.

Sometimes life just doesn’t seem fair. I’m still happy being single but I would love to find that type of connection again with someone some day. Good prospects are scarce when it comes to dating online but it’s pretty much my only chance of meeting someone new. All I can do is take things as they come and try not to obsess over anything. I’ve been in too many BAD relationships and I know exactly what I DON’T want, I just need to find what I DO want.


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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Grab Your List of the Top 7 Best Free Dating Apps Now!

Are you new to the online dating world? When you type in the words "free dating apps" into a search bar, you are going to find literally hundreds of links to 'free' dating websites. They really know how to  get you with that word free.

Yes, you may be able to sign up for an account at no cost, and you may be able to fill out your profile and add a few pics and browse a few profiles if you're lucky. Then when you click to message someone or you get a notification that you received a message from someone else, a little pop up box informs you that in order to send or read messages you have to pay!

On the other hand, you may find free dating apps that advertise that everything is free only to take the time to sign up and fill out your profile only to realize that you get advertisements popping up every 5 seconds and you are bombarded with fake accounts attempting to lure you to view their webcam or go to their website.

Some of the lesser known free dating apps may be legit but the younger apps typically have less members and can make it difficult to find anyone within 100 miles of you.

Luckily for you, I have done my research and spent a lot of time and effort digging through the so-called free websites to find you the dating apps that truly are free and user friendly. Now, some of these apps do offer paid membership upgrades but you are not forced to purchase them, you may just have to deal with a few ads here and there.

I am going to save you some time by creating my List of the Top 7 Legit Free Dating Apps. It's free to you, you just have to sign up below and it will be sent directly to your email! ↓↓

Stop wasting your time and sign up for these legit free dating websites so that you can start talking to some potential matches immediately. All of the apps on my list are free to download on your phone or tablet and most can be accessed from a computer as well.

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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Guess What? Men Get Ghosted, Too! It's Not Just Women..

I received a delightful message on Instagram the other day. As soon as I read this online dating story, I knew it would be perfect to post on here. I love reading about other’s experiences with online dating whether good or bad.

Ghosting sucks and it happens a lot but it’s nice to know that us women are not the only ones who have to deal with ghosting and the feelings that we are left with afterwards. I am posting this story with his permission....

I read your blog post about tattoo man. I liked it. Men also get ghosted. I have a good one for you.

Matched with a woman on Tinder. We talked daily. We sent texts pretty much all night for a couple of weeks. She was leaving for Europe in a few days. We never lost contact. After a few weeks she came home. One random evening she sent me a text:

I am out with my friends and I really want to meet you.

I said sure. She drove from Oakland to San Jose in really bad traffic. 45 min. Drive took two hours . We met up at a bar and had a few drinks then headed downtown where she demanded I held her hand. I was happy with that demand. She bought drinks, not that I didn't have any money. I offered to pay plenty of times and said this is on me. After a few hours she said fuck this let's get a hotel. I am thinking this girl is way out of my league. Am I being set up for a robbery?

I said sure let's go. We held hands all the way to the car. She demanded to pay for the room. I told her I can get it. She said no. We get to the room, I crack open a beer and turn on the tv. Hahaha what a dope. She turned it off and said fuck me. I was surprised. So that happened. In the morning we went and had bloody Marys and talked till late afternoon.

I figured hey if she could stand me all day and the next day maybe we can go out again. Nope never heard from her again.

You know how insecure that made me for months? All the question going through my head. My only healthy explanation is that as soon as this shit starts boy it's bound to end.

Christopher John Simpson
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Thanks Christopher for telling me your story and allowing me to post it here on the blog. I am always looking for stories like this to post, so if you have one that you would like to share, send it to me (using the Share Your Story link at the top)!!

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